Art for the Home

Bringing Outdoor Art Inside

Home Decor

Gardens are a lovely way to enhance a home, but they can also provide flowers for inside decoration. It is not always easy to grow flowers because each species has its own needs, but commercially sold plants now come with complete care instructions. Bringing the artfully placed flowers into the home has long been done with rose gardens, but other flowers are now becoming more popular than ever before.

Some of the most beautiful flowers grown in the yard are hydrangeas, and they come in a variety of colors. Few flowers are a true blue color, and this makes them popular with people who want a wide variety of colors to choose. Unlike many flowers, they come in large round bunches, and they last for several days once they are cut. They are easy to cut, and they can be mixed with a variety of other plants and greenery to create a welcome bouquet.

Roses have been the traditional garden flower to grow and bring indoors, but more varieties are now available. People no longer want just one color, and they are willing to experiment with new types in different colors. A vase of roses adds a beautiful floral note to any room they are in, yet some of the newer varieties have a more delicate scent. Their looks, especially those that are multiple colors, are what matters to those who grow them.

Lilac blossoms are tall, and two of the most popular colors are white and purple. They mix well with other cut plants that have small flowers, and they give off a light scent. Bringing them inside for small bouquets is a way to enhance several areas of the home. Like roses, there are many varieties available. They can be grown in areas that have snowy winters, but they can also be a delight to gardeners in more temperate climates to create artful displays that look as beautiful as they smell.