Choosing Art Display Areas

Decorating a home with art is a form of expression, so it is important that it fits into the area it will be displayed. Any piece will lose its value and beauty when it is overshadowed in a large room, or it might be unappreciated if it is too big for the area. Learning how to choose the right size for an art object is important because it will not relay its message if its display area does not make it easy to enjoy.

Small pieces can be difficult to place, and they often require a more intimate setting. An exquisite vase that is placed in a crowded room will become just another object. Setting it apart from other pieces is not always possible, but there are ways to enhance the background to help it stand out. If it is placed on a shelf, adding a unique background is one way to draw the eye. Lighting can perform the same function, and many good options are now available.

Large pieces require space, but a large wall is not always the answer. A painting or sculpture generally needs some distance for viewers to take in the entire piece, so they should only be displayed where viewers will be able to stand back from them. The closer the better sounds good, but most people cannot focus properly if they are too near them. Giving each art object its own viewing space will make it more appreciated and valued by the owners and their guests.

While there are few rules for displaying art in a home, these are just the basics that will help make any art object become more appreciated and valued. One of the most important reasons to have art on display is to share it with others, so giving it the space it really needs should be the first consideration when placing it.