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When people think of art in the home, they may consider paintings and art objects that stand alone such as ceramic vases. Modern artists have gone much further than that, and companies that manufacture home products have added artists and designers to their staff. Wallpaper is making a comeback in modern homes, and this is one area of artistic concentration. Color design for walls, furniture and decorating has also begun to be popular again.

Modern homes are now multi-tasking areas, and that makes design choices crucial for many. They want their homes to look good, and maintenance must be easy. Wallpaper has changed over the last few decades, and it is once again an excellent choice for interior design. It is sturdy, washable and it now comes in a wide variety of colors with professionally designed motifs. This makes it a good choice for those who want to invest in subtle art that will be there for years to come.

Accent walls have become a hot new item with interior designers, and homeowners can see the value in them. They focus the eye on one section of the room, and this alleviates the pressure to decorate every corner. Wallpaper is often chosen for an accent wall, but reclaimed wood or a bright paint covering are also used. These accents are easy to match with the taste of the house’s inhabitants, and all of them have a long wear life.

When it comes to colors, the sky appears to be just part of the limit in modern design. Paint and wallpaper colors have exploded onto the market, and they have a wide range of matching accent colors. This translates into the ability of interior decorators to match furniture with paint, carpet, wood flooring and accessories. There is now a vast range of choices available to make every home look as if it has been freshly designed by an experienced artist.